ColRobot progress meeting during the IoT Week in Lille

On 6th December, CITC will present the #ColRobot Horizon 2020 project during the IoT Week in Lille. The event is dedicated to industry, with a special focus on the aerospace use case demonstrator of Thales Alenia Space.. The event will be moderated by Mohamed Salah Bouassida (CITC) and will involve) Prof Olivier Gibaru (ENSAM, coordinator of ColRobot), Raphael Boissonnade (Thales Alenia Space), Prof Pedro Neto (University of Coimbra), Dr José Saenz (Fraunhofer IFF) and Aurélien Ibanez (Akeoplus).The IoT Week, is a week dedicated to the Internet of Things. The IoT week will be an opportunity for everyone to attend conferences, receive training and participate in workshops. A number of topics will be covered: Hardware, Software, Security, Big Data including Collaborative Robotics.Check out the IoT Week programme