ColRobot: Demonstration in the Aerospace Industry - check-out our latest video

Video here.   ColRobot combines cutting-edge robot technology and end-user requirements for assembly processes to create an integrated system for collaborative robotics in which a mobile manipulator acts as a “third hand” by delivering kits, tools, parts, and holding workpieces while the operator works on it. Humans will cognitively and physically interact with ColRobot using gestures, touch commands and demonstrations. The robot will be able to navigate autonomously on the factory floor to pick up the required parts and tools and prepare kits for assembly. A safety system that pushes the limits of standardization in collaborative robotics supervises the process. The technology readiness level (TRL) will be scaled-up through continuous iterative testing (performance, usability, manufacturing relevance), validation and improvements. Two use cases in automotive and aerospace industry are being demonstrated in real-world operational environments. This video shows a demonstration in the aerospace industry.